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Dental Exam

Dental exams are fundamental components of oral health care, involving comprehensive assessments of teeth, gums, and oral structures. Conducted by skilled dental professionals, these routine examinations are pivotal for identifying and addressing potential issues early on. During a dental exam, the dentist evaluates the condition of teeth for signs of decay, fractures, or wear. They assess gum health, looking for indications of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Soft tissues, tongue, and throat are also examined to detect anomalies or signs of oral cancer. X-rays might be taken to reveal hidden problems like cavities between teeth or beneath fillings.

Dental exams serve as opportunities for patients to discuss concerns and receive guidance on oral hygiene practices and lifestyle choices that impact oral well-being. Regular exams help prevent minor issues from escalating, potentially saving individuals from pain, complex procedures, and extensive costs. By adhering to recommended exam schedules, individuals can maintain strong teeth, healthy gums, and a radiant smile.

Dental Exam

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